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1. What’s the Vortex 4X4?

Essentially, it’s a quick-hitter post of four things on the fourth of the month we think are cool, informative, relevant, or just plain interesting. Our hope is you’ll think the same – otherwise, well, it didn’t work.

2. Hunt Tip

Panicked by the winding down of big game seasons? S#@t, us too! Grab some buddies and cure your cabin fever with a good old fashioned rabbit hunt. As common as the whitetail, but often neglected, rabbits offer a lighthearted opportunity to get away from your sig-other while replenishing your outdoor soul with some fresh air and exercise. Top that off with the fact you’ll have a great-tasting meal on your hands and it may become a weekly ritual.

3. Big Buck Down!

We love sweet success photos from our customers. Here’s a whopper taken by Brian Martinez.


If you have a pic from this fall you’d like to share, tag @vortexoptics in your Instagram photos!

4. In the Know


If you’re seeing this, you’re on the cutting edge of Vortex Fashion. This shirt is so new; it won’t be on our website until 12:00 p.m. You can check all our Vortex shirts out here.


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