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Defender Flip Caps
★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars
“So I have been running a set of @vortexoptics Defender Flip Caps on one of my optics and I can honestly say that they should have made these years ago. I can’t tell you how many of brand “X” I have purchased and broke where the Defender caps are much stronger near the hinge with much thicker material used all around. The rubber sleeve is perfect in length as well as grip. Enough length where I don’t have to worry about it rotating yet not too long to interfere with my illumination dial. The actual cover design is fantastic as it has a very positive detent that allows you to actually lock them flat rather than relying on the spring to keep it open (see bottom picture). Also your eye piece cover has an additional detent location that locks it straight out in order for you to easily view any information you may choose to store in it (see top right picture). I personally am going to try Vortex’s Dope Disk when released as I imagine it will make a very slick system. I highly recommend you try a set of these for yourself as I’m confident you will be impressed. Also they are made in the USA. Now I just need to buy x6 more sets.– @ace_53



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