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Here are a few exercises you can do at the office or on your lunch break in the name of better hunting.  A few rounds of these movements can get you a quick spike in heart rate, as well as improve your overall mood and productivity.  Making time for a little training here and there can add up to major fitness gains when fall rolls around.  We all are extremely busy and things will continue to be hectic, so take five and try this quick and easy office workout.  Every unwanted pound left on your body is not going to improve your overall hunting experience, rather it could negatively effect your ability to move through the mountains and recover day to day.  Stay motivated and let me know how it goes!

Perform each exercise for 5 Reps, then move on to the next without resting.  You can do this circuit for 5-15 minutes continuously right at the office.  Don’t mind the strange looks you get from your coworkers, they probably have never heard an elk bugle anyways and wouldn’t understand.

Air Squats

Air Squat

Air Squats – Knees out and chest tall, descend into the bottom and drive through your heels as you stand up.  We’re looking for control on the way down and speed on the way up.




Burpees – From a standing position lower yourself to a push-up position in one smooth controlled fashion.  Once your chest touches the ground, push yourself back up and get to your feet with a small jump at the end.  Nobody likes burpees.

Chair Dips


Chair Dips – Position your hands at the end of the chair and keep your feet out in front, lower yourself with your arms into a dip position while keeping your elbows near your mid-line.  Keep your chest tall and move through an appropriate range of motion for your body.


Chair Step Ups


Chair Step Ups – Maintain strong posture while you alternate legs stepping up and down with the same leg per repetition.  The leg on top is the working leg so avoid pushing off with your back leg.  This isolates the working leg to ensure muscle balance and will transfer over to your long hikes in the fall.  Happy training.




Dan Staton holds a Master’s degree in exercise physiology and owns CrossFit Spokane Valley.  He’s an avid out West bowhunter from Washington state.  You can follow him on Instagram @danthefitnessman or check out his YouTube Channel ElkShape.


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