Summer is the New Fall. Three August Big Game Hunts that will Change Your Vacation Plans

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Extend your hunting season by starting early. Obtainable tags and large tracts of public land make these hunts shine like the August sun.


August Sitka Blacktails in Alaska

One of the coolest hunts in the world, but you better have your $%*! together. South East Alaska, Kodiak Island, and some of its surrounding islands are home to these beautiful, small-stature deer. In August, you can find them high up in the alpine. I’ve actually spotted them above the mountain goats, so that should give you some perspective.  Travel logistics, remoteness, rapidly changing weather and extreme terrain demand you and your gear are up for the challenge. This is a true mountain hunt, and ranks right up there with any sheep or goat hunt. The reward for your effort – some of the most spectacular country you will ever see, high adventure, and if you tag a buck, quite possibly the best game meat to ever hit your palate. Consult state regulations for details.


August Black Bears in Arizona 

In August, the bear hunting can be just as hot as the daily high in AZ. Big bruins can’t resist the sweet temptation of prickly pear cactus fruit and come out somewhat predictably to feed. This primarily is a morning and evening hunt. Get up high, glass bears from afar and make your stalk. If you can’t make it to a bear before the sun goes down, or before he retreats for cover as the sun makes its way over the horizon – mark the patch of pears and be ready for him the next day. Bears will often hit a productive patch for multiple days. A mix of archery and rifle hunts begin in August. Strict sow quotas can shut units down in short order – so be mindful of that when planning – as well as during your hunt. Consult state regulations for details.


“The reward for your effort – some of the most spectacular country you will ever see, high adventure, and if you tag a buck, quite possibly the best game meat to ever hit your palate.” – Hunting Sitka Blacktails in Alaska



August Archery Antelope in Wyoming

Public land abounds in Wyoming – and so do antelope. Take advantage of the August archery hunt and get the jump on a big buck coming in for a drink. Finding a good water hole to set your blind up will take some scouting – or an inside tip. Another plus, it will be so hot, it’s one of the few hunts you can do in your underpants. Just make sure to cover up upon exiting your blind. Rain can make sitting water a challenge, so pray for hot weather and adjust tactics if needed. Glassing up a buck and putting a stalk on him will add a degree of difficulty – and satisfaction. Either way you do it, you’re in for a good time. And if you don’t notch your tag, you can still hunt the gun season – so make sure you have a few vacation days on tap to come back if needed. Tags are issued by drawing, so research the unit you want to hunt and get your application in on time. The number of points needed to draw will vary by unit. Some units will likely go under-subscribed. Leftover tags can be purchased on a first come-first-served- basis until they are gone. Make sure to get the on X Maps Wyoming chip for your GPS. It will be an invaluable tool when deciphering public Vs private land – which can be a bit tricky. Consult state regulations for details.

Depending on how you look at it, you have a month to scramble a plan, or a year to prepare. Regardless, give one of these hunts a shot and have a great summer!