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“I bought a Vortex Crossfire II scope for my rifle. I wanted something cheaper, but still reliable. I had it for almost a year when IT HAPPENED. I was doing some target shooting, went to check my shots, then got an emergency call. I got in my truck, completely forgetting that my gun was leaning against my truck. Yeah – IT HAPPENED. I ran it over.

I got about 20 feet and remembered. So I found my gun laying there – it needed some attention, but the scope was complete. I got the gun ready to go again and tried the scope, not knowing if it would work. The magnification end was slightly loose, but it still held zero. I was amazed.

So I called Vortex, sent it in and had a new one in less than a week. I am very happy with Vortex and their products – Thank you so much!”

— Got this story from our customer “Happy Man” up in Minnesota. Thank you for all of your support and for being a part of the #VortexNation!


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