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Strength, courage, determination and a heart for service toward the greater good. You are a protector, a caretaker, compassionate and brave. When most instinctively run away from danger, you instinctively run towards it to help. These traits are in your blood. May is Military Appreciation Month, as well as houses Law enforcement Week, Armed Forced Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day and Memorial Day. For these reasons, and countless others, we pause to recognize our greatest Heroes – and their unwavering resolve to defend and preserve our great nation. Whether fighting for our freedom, defending justice, providing for a quality life back home, or standing up for our constitutional rights, we honor all who Hold the Line.


See the full video on YouTube.

This month, we’ll be sharing a few “Stories from the Line”.
From military wives, to hurricane relief. A police chase, to remembering a fallen brother-in-arms. The events recounted had an impact on their authors, and all of us in some way, directly or indirectly.

We’d love to honor, recognize and share your stories too, Vortex Nation. You can respond to this e-mail or submit your story at


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