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…and whatever mission you choose to throw at it.



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Size, Shape and Form Factor make up for a large portion of the differences. We hope a few of these different angles will help clear things up a bit. As always – let us know if you have any questions!



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The Strike Eagle 1-8×24 intrinsically adapts to a wide range of scenarios, letting You engage targets from point-blank out to extended ranges. Home defense, competition, recreational shooting, feral hog “removal” and any task between, this scope is up for whatever you want to throw at it.

Making its first public appearance this weekend at NRA 2017, come check it out at booth # 741!


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The story of who stays and who goes to “That big laundry basket in the sky” is about to unfold. Cast your vote, as these dynamic poly/cotton contenders face off in a color matchup for the ages. It’s like Tyson vs. Tyson…..but shirts.

The shirt winner will be announced April 24th.


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Come ready with Your questions on the new Strike Eagle 1-8x, this Thursday at 3PM CST on our Facebook page. This LIVE event is the only way to get more information before its official release!


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Looking for something to top Your door kicker or dial up long range shots? The Viper PST Gen II is here – Revamped from top to bottom and taking rock-solid, tactical features to new heights. 2017 brings You a new PST series, sure to fulfill Your needs and exceed Your expectations.



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Same great unit, now available in the original 3 MOA configuration AND a new 6 MOA configuration, too.



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Dial it up, hold over, or call your buddy’s shots at the range. With precision-dialing turrets, a true MOA hashmark reticle and excellent optics, the Diamondback Tactical is ready to do it all at a price that is sure to please.


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Dual Purpose – The Fury HD Rangefinding Binos are ready to take on any hunt, range day or scouting trip with HD glass and our most powerful rangefinder to date.


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Unlike traditional red dots, which use refractive lenses, the Razor AMG UH-1 is able to achieve absolute zero image distortion thanks to its holographic design.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 3 PM CST on Facebook for our LIVE event on the new Huey!



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There are zero critical components in the UH-1 attached directly to the inside of the all-aluminum body. This results in an inherently more rugged design with no outer shroud needed, giving you reliable performance with a much cleaner sight picture.

Tune in this Thursday on Facebook, Dec 29th at 3PM CST for more info on the new “Huey” in our LIVE event!



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The New-For-2017 Razor AMG UH-1 has been designed to virtually eliminate all traces of forward signature when in operation, unlike any other red dot or holographic sight on the market? A feature which greatly improves your element of stealth when it matters most.

Stay tuned for more info as we go LIVE on Facebook, Thursday Dec 29th at 3PM CST on the “Huey” Holographic sight!


PSSSST! Something NEW from Vortex.

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So You like exclusive VIPeeks at new products? We like giving them. Today, we bring You not just one, but THREE new for 2017 products from Vortex. Think this is public knowledge for just any ol’ Joe to stumble upon?

Negative, Ghost Rider – You’re part of the VIP crowd, and this is for your eyes only.


Viper PST Gen II Riflescopes

CQB, Target Shooting, 3 Gun, Hunting, or Precision Long Range – the PST series has always had a solution. Now in our second generation, we’ve taken Your direct experience and feedback and made our do-it-all series even better. Vortex Nation – meet your new family of Viper PST’s.


1-6×24: Now even more versatile, the new PST Gen II 1-6×24 picks up right where the venerable 1-4x left off. With a true 1x on its low end and a monstrous eyebox for close-quarters, rapid acquisition, shooters can easily engage targets in the tightest of scenarios. On the high end of its zoom spectrum, an even more versatile 6x facilitates accurate mid to long-range engagements. A side illumination adjustment, coupled with low-drag capped turrets make for a sleek and streamlined profile. Inside, the same VMR-2 reticle from the Razor Gen II 1-6, with its daylight-bright center illuminated dot, is standard and available in MOA or MRAD.

2-10×32, 3-15×44 and 5-25×50: Meet your new group of long-range workhorses. Whether you’re topping off a DMR-type build or a PRS rig you’ll be pushing to the limits, there is an option just for you. Tall, tactical turrets and a side focus parallax adjustment with integrated illumination help dial in your shots for ultimate precision.  Each model features the patented RZR Zero Stop, taken from our proven Razor HD 5-20×50 riflescope, to ensure you have an accurate and reliable return-to-zero – every time. Reticles include our New EBR-4 and EBR-2C. Available in MOA or MRAD to match your turrets. First Focal Plane reticles are available on select models.

Available Spring 2017

Diamondback Tactical Riflescopes

All of the legendary performance and extreme durability the Diamondback name is known for with a tactical twist, make this series a true head turner.


Meet the Diamondback Tactical – Your answer when it comes to tactical performance and features in an affordable package. Tall turrets are perfect for dialing Your shots at various distances and deliver accurate, repeatable adjustments over and over. The Diamondback Tactical features an optical system that gives excellent image quality and generous eye relief. Inside, a hashmark-style reticle gives shooters versatile reference points for ranging, holdover and wind calls – extremely useful in tactical shooting applications.

Available Spring 2017

Fury Laser Rangefinding Binocular

The moment You’ve all been waiting for. We heard Your requests –  this is Your answer. The Fury Laser Rangefinding Binocular brings You two invaluable tools in a single, compact, high-performing package.


Meet the Fury Laser Rangefinding Binocular. With a 10×42 optical system and 1600-yard ranging capability, the Fury packs in loads of versatility for a variety of situations. The Fury’s compact design and light weight mean the only time you’ll notice it in the field, is when its HD glass helps you spot and range your next meal. Last but not least, the Fury laser rangefinding binocular is the only of its kind backed 100% by a lifetime warranty –  including electronics. If a high-quality Laser rangfinding binocular that doesn’t absolutely kill your pocket book is on your list of “I need that’s,” the Fury is your answer.

Available Summer 2017


VIPeek – New Product 2017

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Meet the Razor® AMG® UH-1, affectionately known in-house as “Huey.”  The UH-1 is a completely new force in weapon-mounted holographic technology, and you’re the first to see it. Inside its durable aluminum chassis, the UH-1 features rugged internals with fewer moving parts than traditional holographic sights, all equating to maximum durability. One CR123A battery powers the sight, with the option of running rechargeable LFP 123A’s, which can be recharged using the on-board, waterproof, micro-USB port. Lastly, because the shooter is the only one who should be able to see the New EBR-CQB reticle, the entire system has been engineered to virtually eliminate all traces of forward signature, unlike any other red dot or holographic sights on the market.


Stay tuned for more on the new “Huey”, and future exclusive VIPeeks.


On a side note – if you like this paint job, check out our last newsletter article!  Our very own Jimmy H rattle canned this rig for about $25!

Vortex Dope Disks

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Did you catch the New Vortex Optics DOPE Disks being laser engraved on our Live video on Facebook last week? For more information, check out this video and follow the link below to make your very own, customized DOPE Disk!

Check it out.