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Glassing with high-powered binoculars mounted on a tripod with a quality head is one of the most underutilized, yet most effective ways to tear apart the landscape in search of game. Using this technique, you’re going to see more, walk less and execute calculated stalks. Once you do it, you won’t look back.

The Advantages

1. Look Mom, no hands: Hand-holding high powered binoculars like our 15×56 and 20×56 Kaibab HD’s can be an exercise in futility. Natural movement and perceived hand shake not particularly bothersome with a lower power binocular becomes truly magnified. Lock the same bino down on a tripod and you’ll experience greatly enhanced, shake-free, fluid viewing.

2. Two is better than one: Is it easier to see using both of your eyes, or just one? Exactly. Glassing at long distances with both eyes is more natural, comfortable and greatly reduces eye fatigue. This is not to say spotting scopes don’t have a place while utilizing this technique—they do. It’s just after you’ve found that buck, bull, or conspicuous detail requiring further evaluation.

3. Slow down: Setting up shop with high-powered, tripod-mounted binoculars inherently causes you to slow down and systematically pick apart terrain piece by piece. Tines, legs, out of place horizontal lines and other conspicuous details lost by a cursory glance are revealed. Heck, even if an animal is standing in the wide open, it will be easier to spot.

4. Spot movement by not moving: By taking your movement out of the glassing equation, you are much more likely to spot movement—including tail flicks, ear twitches and subtle head turns. While hunting Coues deer in Arizona, our outfitter found a buck when it licked its nose while bedded securely under a palo verde tree. We ended up killing it.

5. Dude, relax: Tripod glassing alleviates muscle strain and is easier on your arms, back and neck. If you spot something requiring investigation, simply stop and watch it for a while – hands free, shake free and fatigue free. The detail that caught your eye may soon materialize into an entire animal.

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Good luck out there Jerry Michilick!



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You know fall is here when you change your cologne…



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Wading through gear options for a hunt can be a daunting task—and on a western hunt, where tall mountains, open landscapes, and huge tracts of land present unique challenges—the right equipment can make all the difference. Below are 5 under-the-radar pieces of gear that may not jump out as essential, but should be given consideration.


Trekking Poles
I’ll admit, the first time I saw my good hunting buddy using trekking poles, I questioned his ability to pee standing up. Then I tried them. Today, if I’m hitting the mountains, they make the gear cut every time. Trekking poles distribute the work between your legs and arms, as well as provide balance and stability in rough, steep country. From a safety standpoint, they have saved me from some nasty spills on several occasions. Good trekking poles are like always having that perfectly placed piece of brush to pull yourself up when you need it. Some shelters are designed to be erected with trekking poles, giving them valuable dual-purpose status. They really do make sense. The game we chase has four legs (coincidence, I think not) and they are ideally suited for the terrain they inhabit. They cover ground, and what we consider highly technical terrain, with ease. Give yourself the same advantage with a set of trekking poles.

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The countdown has begun … How many days until Fall is here for you?


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What do you do to get in the zone before a bug hunt? This video from The Hunting Film Tour gets us pretty pumped up.



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Ever wonder what a 300 blackout looks like at 50,000 frames per second? We think pretty sweet! Thanks Lantac USA!



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We love to hear your VIP Stories, thanks for sending it in!

MY VIP STORY – D.T.C. Fort Worth, Texas

Back in 2011 my son (his name is Joshua) purchased one of your scopes for his deer rifle. Unfortunately, he had an accident involving wind, pink insulation panels, and a picnic table at our deer lease. The wind lifted the panels off the picnic table, which was also where he had placed his rifle. The rifle flew a number of feet and his Vortex scope was severally damaged. Needless to say he was a bit distraught.

Anyhow, he decided to see if you honor your warranty. I told him never mind as negligence is usually grounds for voiding a warranty. He contacted your company and was told to just send the scope in and it would be replaced. Much to my surprise, a couple of weeks later, a new scope arrived in the mail. No heartaches or hassles. Needless to say, I was surprised.

Fast forward to today. Went to my local Cabela’s to purchase ***** scopes (they were on sale). I like them, but I decided to explore other options as well. I saw a Vortex 4x-12x Diamondback scope and checked it out. Not bad. But I went back to the *****scopes. I looked at them some more, then I went back to the Vortex scope. (Mind you I had the buck$ in my wallet to purchase more than one scope – which was my intention in the first place – and I had the money for either the ***** or the Vortex). I finally took a more serious look at the Diamondback 4X-12X. So I then decided to purchase two of them. One for a sporterized Springfield 1903 in .30-06, and one for a Remington Model 700 in .25-06. The third scope I purchased was another Diamondback, but it was a 3x-9x. The scopes are now with me at home and I shall be mounting them on the rifles this coming weekend.

To be honest, I was torn between the ***** and the Vortex scopes. In the end, what kept going through my mind was how well you treated my son when his Vortex scope had that unfortunate accident. When a company treats a customer that well, one must seriously consider that company’s products – assuming of course the product will fulfill one’s needs. Of that I have no doubt, as I did enjoy sighting in my son’s .243 with his first and second Vortex scope. The images were crisp and the sight-in adjustments were true.

I hope that I shall never require your warranty services. But if I do, I have no doubt I will be treated as well as my son was a few years ago.