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“I bought a Vortex Crossfire II scope for my rifle. I wanted something cheaper, but still reliable. I had it for almost a year when IT HAPPENED. I was doing some target shooting, went to check my shots, then got an emergency call. I got in my truck, completely forgetting that my gun was leaning against my truck. Yeah – IT HAPPENED. I ran it over.

I got about 20 feet and remembered. So I found my gun laying there – it needed some attention, but the scope was complete. I got the gun ready to go again and tried the scope, not knowing if it would work. The magnification end was slightly loose, but it still held zero. I was amazed.

So I called Vortex, sent it in and had a new one in less than a week. I am very happy with Vortex and their products – Thank you so much!”

— Got this story from our customer “Happy Man” up in Minnesota. Thank you for all of your support and for being a part of the #VortexNation!


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“Dear Vortex Optics,

I am a police officer in the **** ****** area. I have purchased several items through the Law Enforcement purchase program, including a 10×36 Solo Monocular which I always carry in my squad car and use on a regular basis. Recently, the Solo monocular came in very handy.

In a section of our city we have had multiple break-ins of occupied houses, a suspect has hidden under beds while people were sleeping. The suspect had also grabbed people while hiding inside their houses. Needless to say, the residents of this neighborhood were becoming very uneasy of this situation.

Last month we received information from an investigator on surveillance that the suspect had walked into an entry way of a house. Those of us on patrol responded to the area and began to sneak in as best as we could. The neighborhood complex is new and homes are still being built. Because of this, the only way to approach the target house without losing sight of the suspect, was by crossing a large, grassy field with very little concealment. As myself and other officers crossed this field, I used my Vortex Monocular to keep an eye on entry way of the house to make sure we did not lose the suspect. Once we arrived at the entry way the suspect was found inside the house and was taken into custody.

The monocular worked very well for me that night and I continue to carry it in my squad on every shift. Even though it was dark out that night with only a few street lights, I was able to use the monocular just fine.”

— Got this story from one of our customers in Law Enforcement. Thanks to all of our LE members for helping keep our neighborhoods safe from creeps like this. #ThinBlueLine


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“Last summer I stopped in because I was having trouble with my bases and I had a gentleman in Madison properly mount my new Vortex scope and it worked great. Fast forward, one week before my Marco hunt I had an issue with my scope and the warranty department fixed my scope and returned within 3 days. I’ve enclosed a picture, shot at 527 yards! Thank you for the service and the great product. Since that summer day, I have replaced 3 scopes on other guns with Vortex! Great product!!”
-Woody A.



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“Here is the first shot out of Cody’s rifle after the wreck, at 100yds. It was wrapped in a tac force bag/mat, but I’d have to say that the Vortex Razor HD Gen2 3-18 held up pretty good considering the tumble it took!!” – Tate S



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“Thanks for manufacturing top notch optics I shot this bull at 850yds using my Vortex Viper HSLR 6-24×50. On top of my kimber 300 win mag! Amazing clarity and deadly accurate I also used your ballistic software to dial it in and it was spot on! The second picture shows the location I shot from as well as my brother Travis C. on his way up to help me pack him out! Brutal pack out but I had an awesome hunting partner!” – Eric C.



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“Put my glass to work this weekend. Glassed this Buck up with my Razor HD 10×42, used my Razor 65mm spotter to make sure he was what I wanted, then dialed my Razor HD riflescope for 1082 yards and made a perfect shot! Then my buddy jumped behind the gun and shot this one right after I got mine!” – Jordan K.