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Episode 1: Vortex Nation Podcast | The Vortex Shooters Source 3-Gun Competition

Episode 4: Vortex Nation Podcast | The UH-1

Episode 5:  Vortex Nation Podcast | The Hunting Public

Episode 6: Vortex Nation Podcast | Long Range Shooting 1001

Episode 9: Vortex Nation Podcast | FFP vs SFP

Episode 11: Vortex Nation Podcast | LongRange 1002

Episode 12: Vortex Nation Podcast | The Hunting Public – Aggressive Whitetail Tactics

Episode 14: Vortex Nation Podcast | Scope Mounting – It’s Easy!

Episode 20: Vortex Nation Podcast | Turkey Leg Street Tacos

Episode 25: Vortex Nation Podcast | Cheesy, Baconey jalapeño Snow Goose Popper Tacos

Episode 35: Vortex Nation Podcast | Gun Season Deer Tactics

Episode 36: Vortex Nation Podcast | Ultralight Hunting – How Light Can You Go?

Episode 38: Vortex Nation Podcast | How to Sight in Your Riflescope – It’s Easy!

Episode 43: Vortex Nation Podcast | The Classifieds Hunter – Ballin’ on A Budget


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